In most criminal cases where the accused has been detained, bail is set in order to allow for that person’s release. The bail is primarily designed to ensure that the person will return for his or her court date at an assigned time. Posting bail is essential to get release from custody while awaiting trial and get back to your life with your loved ones. However, if your bail amount is set at an amount that you do not have the means to pay, you might find yourself stuck in jail without the money to get yourself out. At Foy & Seplowitz, our attorneys are experienced in successfully arguing bail reduction motions in criminal cases.


Bail is not meant to be an additional punishment in a criminal case; rather, it is simply designed as an assurance that the accused will return to court. Therefore, the court should not set bail at an extremely high amount that is out of line with the case as a whole. In general, the court will set bail by considering the following factors, among others:


  • Seriousness and nature of the crime in question
  • Criminal record of the defendant
  • How long the defendant has lived in the community (longer residence = lower flight risk)
  • Defendant’s family and community ties in the area


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